About Me

Passionate and hardworking Computer Science student completing my second year at McGill University. I have experience with Java, Python, Swift, C, OCaml, F#, C#, HTML, CSS, Unity, various data structures, algorithms and software design/modelling (UML/Fondue).


McGill University

Expected: May 2020

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Marianopolis College

September 2015 - June 2017

Diploma of College Studies in Pure and Applied Science



Code Jam Hackathon's Computer Vision Winner

November 2018

Real-time insurance calculator which uses machine learning to calculate a premium fee based on the user's emotions and depression levels. Used Python, TensorFlow, OpenCV-Python Keras to build a multi-layer(3) convolutional neural network. CNN trained with 30 thousand 48x48 pixels pictures for 15 epochs using AWS and GC, returns an accuracy of 68%. Won first place for Computer Vision (3rd overall) during McGill's 2018 Code Jam Hackathon.


Best Idea and Solution for MLH's Local Hack Day at McGill

December 2018

Web app which uses machine learning to help students study. The app detects if the student starts to doze off. The web app was built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The AI was built using Python, TensorFlow, OpenCV-Python and Keras. It was then trained using a database of 2423 pictures of people blinking for 10 epochs, which results in an accuracy of 93.69%. Won the best Idea and Solution award during MLH's local hack day at McGill 2018.


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